4. You have bad lighting.

LED Selfie Flash

Without good lighting every selfie is doomed to fail. Thats like photography 101. We've found this small convenient  device that you can take anywhere. Getting those dark blurry pictures on a Saturday night? Say no more! This little tool has 5 different lighting modes to illuminate your environment. Party like a true instagram model!

3. You are Too Far Away.

18x Mobile Telescopic Lens

I know we have all been there... You've found the perfect object to add to your collect of photos but can't get close enough. You snap the best picture you can manage but overall... It's just not worthy. What helps is a zooming lens for your smartphone. Capture those high quality pictures without throwing down hundreds for professional camera equipment. I found myself traveling all around my city just to recapture the scenery with proper focus once I got my hands on this one.

2. You Don't have the Correct Lens.

5 in 1 Lens Kit

Sometimes the normal view or filters just aren't cutting it. We need to get a little artistic and creative. Sometimes we need the fisheye lens to capture all of the environment. Other times we need a macro lens to get up close and personal. Those little details really matter when trying to capture the essence of an object. This 5 in 1 lens kit accomplishes both of that and more. In fact, its also prepared to give you a wide angle, telescope, and cpl view. You pretty much get everything any photographer could ask for from this one.

1. You Have the Wrong Angle or a Shaky Hand.

Let's face it: holding you arm full stretched out isn't the most stable position to hold a camera. You have the shaky hand and put your phone at risk of being knocked to the ground by any careless passing people. We don't need that risk... What we need are awesome pictures. Set up in multiple angles and a countdown to give you and all your friends to pull off that perfect pose!