Life can get boring sometimes. Wake up, work, home, sleep, repeat. We all need a little fun and excitement during our daily routines. Here are 10 items that will do just that!

10. FitMax Smart Watch - The Future of Getting in Shape

MaxFit is a new exercise tracker created to help YOU become the best version of YOURSELF by encouraging you to be more active, have a more well-rounded diet plan, and even improve your quality of sleep. Being the size of a small bracelet and sleek, it’s easy to forget you even have it on, all while tracking your progress and activity. It's basically 100 steps up from a traditional pedometer. It works excellent with smartphone pairing, due to the capabilities of the app. Do you need a smartphone? No, you can simply utilize your MaxFit by itself, however it truly makes a substantial difference if you take advantage of the apps ability to notify you of your smartphone alerts, show text messages, call notification and it even has a unique shake-to-selfie function as well!


9. Power OTG - Ditch your leash AKA your plug in charger

We've all suffered the stomach drop from the realization of a dead phone. The looks and hushed criticism of friends and family. The unexpected loss of Google Maps as you turn into into an unknown area. The sinking feeling as you wake up and realize your phone alarm didn't go off since you forgot to plug it in last night. Why, oh, why must our phones die? This is the problem we tasked our tech team to fix, the result? POWER OTG. Its a portable wireless charger power bank that lets you focus on all the other tasks you have for the day and NOT on having to worry about constant LOW BATTERY. With 24000mAh it can charge you phone multiple times over, and best of all you dont even need to plug it into your phone!


8. ChargeIT - Making your commute the only charge you need!

As you glance at your phone, you realize it’s sitting at a low 11% charge yet again. We’ve reached a point where we rely on our smartphones at all hours of the day, and yet, for some unknown reason we still manage to constantly let our phones die! We’ve tasked ourselves to find a solution, the result? ChargeIT. A wireless car charger that takes advantage of your daily commute so that you’ll never worry about your phone dying when using GPS or enjoying music and makes it last all day.


7. PWRGuard - Protect yourself from Radiation

Every piece of technology gives off some sort of radiation, big or small. With these stickers you can block all of it left and right! Add these to your phone, computer, or anything you wish and put yourself one step ahead of any future health problems! Protect yourself, your family, and your friends!


6. Retina Optics - 5 in 1 camera lens kit

Ever try to get the perfect picture on your phone but it comes out blurry and unflattering? Let's never have to go through that again! Connect the lens kit to your phone and let your true inner photographer shine bright. 5 different levels for 5 different masterpieces: fish eye, macro, wide angle, telescope, and CPL.


5. Retina Optics - 18x cell phone camera magnifying lens

Get the perfect zoom for any picture, no object is too far for this lens. Camping and trying that animal in the distance? At a sporting event and trying to get a detailed picture of your favorite player? This lens can handle it all.


4. Retina Optics Selfie Flash - Best Lighting, All the Time

Turn your room into your personal studio. Create the best selfies with 9 different light modes. Ideal for dark clubs, parties, camping, and all sorts of situations. Light up the night and never deal with a bad picture again.


3. Retina Optics - Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth

Need some stability in your life? Pop your phone into this tripod and eliminate all the blur! All types of angles to let your creativity run wild. You could use the wireless feature or the button to create perfect timing as well.


2. FlashCharge - Fastest Charge in the House

No more waiting hours and hours before you can safely leave the house without worry. FlashCharge has created the product for you and its wireless! Just pop your phone on top of the pad and you'll be out the door with a fully charged battery in no time.


1. ShowerSafe - Cleanest Water for a Cleanest Body

What's the point of taking a shower when the water you use isn't even clean? In less than 5 minutes you can have your water being filtered instantly to improve your health, skin, and give you that true clean feeling.