We all know the basics to creating a healthy lifestyle: eating right, getting your body moving, drinking lots of water. These task are a challenge in themselves so when we  include them into our daily routines we want to know that we are maximizing our efforts and getting the most out of them.  A Maxfit smart bracelet does just that! So what are the top 5 ways this device could assist all of us? Let's dive in!

5. Record Your Steps

Believe it or not, every step counts! Yes, we can jog a certain amount of miles a day or pull off a 1 hour run around the neighborhood but what about all the steps in between? Maxfit records all of your steps while you're at work, commuting, or just going out for lunch. There is nothing more motivating than to have a record of a workout that you didn't even realize that you were participating in. You'll never experience another "break day" again.

4. Alerts to Texts and Phone Calls

There is nothing more detrimental to a workout than getting knocked out the zone! Finishing up that last 10 minutes, you hear your phone ringing, and remember that you've been waiting for that important phone call all day. Well now... You don't have to stop to check who it is. Maxfit will vibrant and display the callers name, number, or display the text. Take a quick glance at your wrist and keeping pushing! No more having to stop, dig through your pockets, and lose momentum... Unless it actually is that important phone call. You might want to take that one.

3. GPS Tracking

Connecting your bracelet to the app offers you plenty of more features such as gps tracking. Lost your way on a hike? Went out for a job to explore your neighborhood and lost your sense of direction? Start up the "Dayday Band" app and it pinpoints your exact location, getting you back on track! There's no longer a need to fear getting lost. You can let your inner explorer roam free.

2. Ensure You are Getting a Good Night's Rest

One of the most impressive features of the Maxfit bracelet is that while wearing it to sleep you can not only monitor how long you've slept but also your quality of sleep. Using the pulse monitor, the bracelet separates sleep into three different categories: Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and Awake. After every rewarding workout, we all need to give our bodies a nice long rest. With this knowledge on your quality of sleep you can make changes to ensure that your body is getting exactly the type of rest it needs.

1.  Stay in Your Heart Rate Zone

It's widely known that working out, especially cardio, will strengthen your heart for years to come. What isn't widely known is that there are actually heart rate zones that you should aim for to get the most out of your workout. The Maxfit bracelet monitors your pulse throughout your entire workout, making it easy and fun to make sure you are pushing your body hard enough on hard days and relaxing your body on easy days. Each person, depending on age, has a different targeted heart rate zone so keep your eye on the prize!